Anže Sever

Pressure / Field


In his minimalist installations, Anže Sever deals with the visible reality and hidden potentials of space, which he explores with technology, light and sound, or tests with disturbances, duration and movement. He is interested in what everyday contains, how we experience it, and what is its backside through the prism of observing the everyday. For something to be everyday, it must include something that it is not. It deals with the phenomenology of the everyday and with the edge or the moment when the everyday manifests its unusualness. Either through a disturbance, a small change, an error, or an unusual occurrence. These can be everyday stimuli that, under certain conditions, become something we can no longer name everyday. He is interested in the internal structure of direct perception of the environment, which changes under certain conditions and replaces homeliness with unfamiliarity.

He tries to push the elements of everyday life or otherwise represent them in a way that they lose their everydayness He wants to show the back or the physical environment’s strangeness, which is everyday for our perception. With his works, he wants to enter new ways of experiencing and understanding the immediate physical environment in the register of perception. With his works, he wants to turn the viewer back into his own body, so that the viewer’s own body becomes something foreign and through this stimulus enables “an unfamiliar view of the home to open up the potential to break habits, to work and see things differently.” Alja Lobnik

The works’ common starting point is a short text by Nancy, L’Intrus, where the body becomes aware of itself only when it is not in harmony with itself. Simply when the body is thrown out of rhythm, when it breaks with its habit, and when something that until then seemed domestic, everyday, automated, becomes foreign to it.