Christian Lemmerz: Locus Solus, 2020

“Locus Solus” is the third and final part of Christian Lemmerz’s Virtual Reality trilogy, which visualises various mental states. La Apparizione, 2017 was about the religious vision, TRAUM, 2018 was a concentrated nightmare and Locus Solus combines hypnosis with the idea of death.

Lemmerz considers working with Virtual Reality as the opportunity to work as a strong illusionist. He consciously works with elements from video games, comic books and kitsch. It is an expression that seeks to seduce directly and unscrupulously, but at the same time invites a cultural reflection on the reality of consciousness.

In Locus Solus, the spectator stands in an infinite space (black or white, not settled yet). Around the body thousands of skulls orbit their own axis circle like planets. A seductive voice describes and guides the viewer through this universe of death. At the end of the monologue, there is a countdown that should lead to cardiac arrest.