Artist Talk: Alice Daeun Kim

Tuesday / 26.10.2021 /  5:00pm  @KIBLA PORTAL

Alice Daeun Kim, who was a resident of the RUK network at KIBLA2LAB, presented her interdisciplinary artistic practice, combining time and space exploration in virtual and physical spaces, storytelling, interactive and immersive experiences, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality technologies. She also talked about her work within the residency and presented the installation Minority, which is exhibited as part of the group exhibition KIBLIX 2020–2021: Virtual Worlds Now.

»I am a media artist from South Korea with a broad background in fine art, commercial design and interdisciplinary projects. I studied new media art in London. Conceptually my focus lies on the difference between virtual time and space, while through my artworks I want to explore ways of presenting different narratives in an interactive and immersive way. In my practice I work mostly with 3D and 2D software as well as physical materials, making short films, AR lenses and interactive moving images with sound. There are no limitations on the materials and tools I use, while always striving to make an interesting and enjoyable experience for the audience. My aim is to create virtual spaces related to our real world, interesting stories and discussions. As we become able to manipulate our senses and identity in virtual spaces, we can find new ways to make us think and share meaningful insights. Currently I am participating in a group project related to artificial intelligence, augmented reality and photogrammetry