Tuesday / 09.11.2021 /  18:00 CET  @ZOOM

The artist, who was exhibiting a site-specific mixed reality installation HyperBody Portal: Stratholme.GoStop as part of the exhibition KIBLIX 2020–2021: Virtual Worlds Now, presented his interdisciplinary artistic practice. He focused in particular on the work HyperBody Portal, in which he [...]

Tuesday / 26.10.2021 /  17:00 CET  @KIBLA PORTAL

Alice Daeun Kim, who was a resident of the RUK network at KIBLA2LAB, presented her interdisciplinary artistic practice, combining time and space exploration in virtual and physical spaces, storytelling, interactive and immersive experiences, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality [...]

Wednesday / 25.08.2021 /  16:00 CET  @MMC KIBLA

We kindly invite you to the presentation of the Czech artist Vojtěch Rada, which will take place on Wednesday, 25 August 2021, at 4 p.m. (CET) in MMC KIBLA (Ulica kneza Koclja 9, Maribor). Vojtěch, currently a resident of the RUK [...]

Thursday / 24.06.2021 /  19:00 CET  @MMC KIBLA

You are kindly invited to MMC KIBLA on Thursday, 24 June 2021, at 7 p.m. (CET). We will present the Polish artist Weronika M. Lewandowska, currently hosted by KIBLA2LAB, at the international art residency of the RUK network, as part [...]

Thursday / 20.05.2021 /  19:00 CET  @

Guests: Uršula Berlot, Sara Bezovšek, Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Jasna Hribernik and Saša Spačal The selection of works from the archive prepared by Vesna Bukovec took us on a walk from a micro view of body particles that are visible only [...]

Thursday / 29.04.2021 /  19:00 CET  @

Guest: Anja Medved We watched a film by Anja Medved and Patricija Maličev, in which they discuss the puzzles of humanity with the creator, scientist, and philosopher. The debate is on environmental issues from philosophical perspectives. Are we at odds [...]

Thursday / 15.04.2021 /  19:00 CET  @

Guests: Miha Horvat, Toni Soprano Meneglejte, Andrea Knezović and Sašo Sedlaček We watched the video of the tandem son:DA and Erinç Seymen, which is documentation of a performance, held simultaneously in Maribor and Istanbul. Andrea Knezović records a performance and [...]

Thursday / 01.04.2021 /  19:00 CET  @

Guests: Marko Peljhan and Alenka Pirman We were presented with a computer video animation by Marko Peljhan, conceived as a theatrical play without actors in cyberspace. The video animation was prepared, modeled and rendered using a program written explicitly with [...]

Wednesday / 24.03.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

We presented the artistic duo Varvara & Mar, hosted by DDTlab, at the international art residency of the RUK network in March 2021. The artists presented their artistic practice and talked about current art projects and ideas in the field [...]

Tuesday / 09.02.2021 /  18:00 CET  

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the artistic practice of the BridA collective. Their work is based on thinking about processes and roles in contemporary art, on the principle of artistic connection, and group work exploring the […]

Tuesday / 02.02.2021 /  18:00 CET  

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the curatorial practice of the Zagreb collective Kontejner. Their work is based on progressive contemporary art, which explores the role and importance of science, technology, and the body in our society, […]

Tuesday / 26.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @ ZOOM

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the artistic practice of Tea Stražičić, an artist who expresses herself through digital art and traditional media. The talk was based on a chapter from Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crash. This […]

Tuesday / 19.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @ ZOOM

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the artistic practice of Sara Bezovšek. Through the artistic practice of appropriation, she is an artist who explores the influences of Internet culture and online social media on contemporary visual art. […]

Monday / 21.12.2020 /  18:00 CET  @ ZOOM

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the artistic practice of Maja Hodošček, an artist who, in her work, deals notions of performance, behaviour, and modes of learning. The discussion was based upon the text of the philosopher […]

Monday / 07.12.2020 /  18:00 CET  @ZOOM

In this webinar we got acquainted with the artistic practice of Dina Karadžić, who works in the field of visual, digital, and online art. The discussion was based on a text by artist and theorist Hito Steyerl, Is the Internet […]

Thursday / 03.12.2020 /  18:00 CET

Join us for an artist talk by Untold Garden (Max Čelar and Jakob Skote) and Sebastian Dahlqvist, who will be speaking about their long-term research design project Skiljelinjer (Lines of Demarcation) and its first iteration at KIBLIX 2020. More about […]

Monday / 30.11.2020 /  18:00 CET  @ZOOM

The third meeting took place on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 6 p.m. This time, the content was related to the artistic practice of Selma Selman, an internationally renowned artist of the younger generation. The discussion was based on Virginia […]

Thursday / 26.11.2020 /  18:00 CET  @ZOOM

The second meeting took place on Thursday, November 26, at 6 p.m. Selected texts by Ursula le Guin and Donne Haraway highlighted the importance of storytelling and collective thinking concerning nature and technology. As Ursula le Guin writes: “Science fiction, […]

Thursday / 19.11.2020 /  18:00 CET  @ZOOM

The first meeting took place on Thursday, November 19, at 18:00. We began with the text by Jelena Vesić, written for the particular publication Work from self-isolation, which accompanied the solo exhibition by Sanja Iveković. In the text, the author […]