KIBLIX 2020 Pre-event: Webinar with Saša Spačal

Thursday / 26.11.2020 /  6:00pm  @ZOOM

The second meeting took place on Thursday, November 26, at 6 p.m. Selected texts by Ursula le Guin and Donne Haraway highlighted the importance of storytelling and collective thinking concerning nature and technology. As Ursula le Guin writes: “Science fiction, if properly conceived, means, like any serious fiction, however funny it may be, an attempt to describe what happens, what people feel and do, how they relate to all other things in this vast bag, this belly of the universe, in this womb of the things that will be, and in the tomb of the things that were, in this story without an end. ” The texts will be read in connection with the exhibition MycoMythologies. The Myth of Breaking is written by the intermedia artist Saša Spačal, who moderated this meeting with Irena Borić.