The virtual environment with avatars* enables a virtual tour of KiBela, the space for art, and the entire KIBLA multimedia center accessible for public. We scanned the space, photographed the artworks, and placed them in a virtual ambiance. The placement of artworks in virtual space is identical to the placement in real space. Upon entering the virtual gallery, you will find simple instructions for use. With the chosen avatar, you then enter the exhibition space, take a walk and observe the exhibited artworks from various points – near and far. You can even talk to other visitors live or communicate with short, written messages. We are adapting and upgrading the virtual gallery with every individual exhibition. Eventually, we will virtualize all three exhibition locations: KIBLA, KIBLA PORTAL, and ArtKIT.

Explore and give it a try!

*Mozilla Hubs is a VR chatroom designed for every headset and browser, but it is also an open source project that explores how communication in mixed reality can come to life.

  • Suzana Brborović
  • Lucijan Prelog

There is something caught in here

  • Matej Čepin

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