Matej Čepin

The Next Day


The link to the virtual exhibition here.

You are welcome to join us at the virtual opening of Matej Čepin’s exhibition The Next Day, a pre-event of the KIBLIX 2020–2021 festival.
In the virtual gallery you can hear the music from the ambient album Flow of Flowers and electronic Chapters – part one created by JUNEsHELEN.

The virtual environment with avatars enables a virtual tour of KiBela and Matej Čepin’s exhibition The Next Day. The installation of Čepin’s paintings is real but inaccessible due to Covid-19, so we scanned the space, took photos, and transferred it to the virtual space. Through avatars, selected bizarre figurines from Čepin’s paintings, you can take an individual or group tour and approach or move away from the pictures from different points of view and communicate with other people with short, written messages. In this way, we invoke social contact without entirely replacing it, but we can at least exchange thoughts. Different, new, digitally simple. Try it!

The exhibition will be on view from Friday, 27 November, from 7 p.m. until the New Year. The virtual gallery is conceived and realized by the creative section of KIBLA2LAB (Žiga Pavlovič, Sabina Vukalić, and Aleksandra Kostič).

When the exhibition can also be opened for public, we will invite you again and welcome you at KIBLA. We have also prepared a catalog of the exhibition; you can read and view it following this link:

»Matej Čepin is first and foremost a painter interested in the story and its construction in the pictorial space. The latter is generally only one film frame, one window into the world, but, by stringing collage components, Čepin achieves the dimension of a filmic or a dream story. His works contain direct or blurred reminiscences of the dark Romantic part of painting, of film-noir, the beginnings of photography use, bizarre crime pages and blatant stories from reality written in the historical collective subconscious; in particular, some echoes from painting and the aspirations of the art of painting in photography and film.« (Aleksandra Kostič)