Wednesday / 21.04.2021 /  20:00 CET  @

We presented the latest works of Samantha E. Harvey, a video artist, who through techno-feminist perspectives of the 21st century, explores the concepts of the self. A mixture of melting visuals, using augmented reality, mixed reality, photography, video, and lucid [...]

Friday / 09.04.2021 /  19:00 CET  @ ZOOM

Does history repeat itself or do we just repeat the telling of it? Can a cover song recover something of the original, of the origin, or only bury it more deeply? The Tenders, created by ATOM-r (Judd Morrissey and Mark [...]

Thursday / 25.03.2021 /  20:00 CET  @

In the audio-visual set, Terranigma (Črt Trkman) and VJ 5237 (Stella Ivšek) presented the synchronous creation of sound synthesis and sound-reactive visualization, which they connect into a coordinated whole by using analog and digital triggers. Črt Trkman's original music production [...]

Friday / 12.03.2021 /  20:00 CET  @

A glitchy online streamed telematic solo hybrid performance utilising prerecorded and real-time live audio-visual elements and text forming often frantic and chaotic mesh of data, images and noise. In some ways, it's a stream of consciousness, but through another perspective, [...]

Thursday / 17.12.2020 /  20:00 CET  @

The Other does not exist. Psychoanalysis does not work. The world is nuts. It appears in the form of the humanoid-contaminated lighting of the Katedrala Hall, a robot and two young women from an a cappella theatre. Barefooted shepherdesses dance [...]

Wednesday / 16.12.2020 /  20:00 CET  @

7 times 7 = 49 minutes In Covid's time, the live multi-day tour of the Machine to Improve the World was replaced by a multi-day recording session in the premises of Cirkulacija 2 with the participation of Ryuzo Fukuhara, Borut [...]

Tuesday / 15.12.2020 /  20:00 CET  @

Watch out for false artists. They come to you in artists' clothing, but inwardly they are lifeless algorithms. — Mathview 7:15 2 3 0 0 2 , 0 2 0 2 8 <break time="1s"/> 0 2 7 0 <break time="1s"/> [...]