Borut Savski

Borut Savski (1960) is an intermedia artist, composer, and producer. He has been working as a self-employed artist since 2004 and as an author in the field of art since 1998. He is interested in the algorithmic properties of principles and devices, which in this way exhibit autonomy and thus become beings. And it is such beings that he is concerned with: at the level of devices, individuals and cultural phenomena. He sees no essential difference between culture and nature. He is a regular publisher of Trivia Records Records and a producer-organiser of Circulation 2. His projects from 2015 to 2017 include: The Thing without a Name – the Overstretched Structure of the Snake (PixxelPoint 2015 Nova Gorica), Wardenclyffe Tower – interactive generative sound installation (MFRU-KIBLIX 2015 Kibla Portal Maribor) Thus the Righteous Dies I and II (Tako umira Pravični I in II) – intermedia performance/ audiovisual allegory (2015; Cirkulacija 2: We are Noise: Cultural interfaces and BELI ŠUM #28, Central station Maribor), Rijeka AND / ATT Cirkulacija 2 – art tools fair (production Aksioma, 2016), series of concerts/performances Vračnica in bali (Bogdana Herman & Borut Savski; 2016-2017 – three public rehearsals in Cirkulacija 2 and concert in Kino Šiška), audio performance as a part of joint evening Cirkulacija 2 and John Duncan “words broken- voice missing – message failed” (2016),  participation in a group exhibition Robotica in Sala Veruda di Palazzo Costanzi (The Tree of Life 2016 : Trieste Italy), independent performance within Z.B.O.R. (Boštjan Perovšek, Borut Savski, Marko Košnik; 2017), participation in the performance of the trio Areal Velez, Boštjan Leskovšek, Borut Savski – Argumental Landscapes (2017, Cirkulacija 2), Parasol, paraplui, paravent – three light objects for the Indigo Ljubljana 2017 festival, TwinSpeaks – artificial  robotic duo in dialogue (2018), in 2019 by participating in a project  Cirkulacija 2: Cacophony-cocoa in the Osmi/za Ljubljana.