XR technologies in museums and heritage: from augmented and mixed to virtual reality

Thursday / 11.03.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

You are kindly invited to join us on Thursday, 11 March, at 6 p.m. CET for the fifth in the series of moderated panel discussions of the KIBLIX festival. The discussion will be moderated by dr. Kaja Antlej, senior lecturer […]


Festivals in the time of the pandemic

Thursday / 25.02.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

The panel discussion focused on the forms, concepts, issues, possibilities, dimensions, environments, and circumstances of art productions, presentations, and festivals in “these” times. Collaborate, connect, transmit, use the Internet, share information and programs, upgrade, create, and operate in a ‘real,’ […]

Can technology bring back long-lost nature?

Thursday / 11.02.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

The third in the series of moderated panel discussions of the KIBLIX festival focused on relations between technology, art and nature. Nature is supposed to be the exact opposite of the virtual, the artificial, the engineered, and the human-made. And […]

How to Overcome Time of Physical Distance with XR Technologies

Thursday / 10.12.2020 /  18:00 CET

XR technologies are gradually being introduced into business processes, where there are currently more business opportunities due to less interest in the consumer public. The situation has changed due to the necessary physical distance, making it impossible to visit events, […]

Digital Intimacy in Virtual Worlds Now

Tuesday / 08.12.2020 /  18:00 CET

Moderator: Ghislaine Boddington – Creative Director of body>data>space and Digital Intimacy Expert Guests: Sly Lee, CEO at Emerge; Judd Morrissey, Artist; Mark Joseph Jeffery, Artist, Curator and Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Abraham Avnisan, […]

Untold Garden (Max Čelar, Jakob Skote) and Sebastian Dahlqvist

Thursday / 03.12.2020 /  18:00 CET

Join us for an artist talk by Untold Garden (Max Čelar and Jakob Skote) and Sebastian Dahlqvist, who will be speaking about their long-term research design project Skiljelinjer (Lines of Demarcation) and its first iteration at KIBLIX 2020. More about […]