dr. Jože Guna 



Dr. Jože Guna is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. His research areas focus on Internet technologies, multimedia technologies, IPTV systems and IoT, focusing on user-oriented planning, interaction modalities, design thinking and VR / AR / MR technologies, including aspects of play and the stream of consciousness. He is currently involved in several projects focusing on developing intuitive user interfaces for elderly users (eHealth applications), interactive multimedia applications HBBTV and VR / AR / MR applications. He is an expert in IP, ICT, and IPTV technologies and holds numerous industry certifications from CISCO, CompTia and Apple, including Cisco and Apple training licenses. He is a senior member of the IEEE organization and the general secretary of the Slovenian IEEE section. He is a founding member of the Slovenian XR community and the technical manager of the first XR laboratory in the Technology park Ljubljana.