Slovenia Global Game Jam

Want to start the new year by developing a game in 48 hours? Want to learn 3D modeling, programming, drawing, or creating music? Are you ready to experiment and do something memorable for your friends or complete strangers online?

In January 2014, KID KIBLA was part of the global Game Jam event for the first time. This year, together with the Slovenian Game Developers Association – GAMES SLOVENIA, we invite you to this year’s online Slovenia Global Game Jam again.

This year’s Slovenia Global Game Jam will take place from 27. to 31. January 2021, preparations for it and workshops on 2D / 3D content design, programming, and sound design will be organized the week before.

All activities, including the development of ideas, team building, chat, development, and presentation of final products, will take place on the Discord server of Slovenia Games.

The theme for the content of the games will be revealed on 27 January.

Official registration and information for Slovenia Global Game Jam can be found at:…/slovenia-games-global-game

The event is organized by the Slovenian Game Developers Association, KIBLA, and KIBLA2LAB as part of the KIBLIX festival.

Additional information:

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Sunday / 31.01.2021 /  16:00 CET  @

16.00  – Uploading Games 17.00  – Game Jam ends – Presentation of Games 18.00  – Voting for Games & Announcement of winners in each category

Saturday / 30.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

19.00  – First look at progress on Games 20.00  – Playing Party Games (Jackbox,, Among Us, Quake…) 23.59  – Traditional Anime Group Watching

Friday / 29.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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Friday / 29.01.2021 /  17:00 CET  @

Thursday / 28.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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Wednesday / 27.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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Tuesday / 26.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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Sunday / 24.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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Saturday / 23.01.2021 /  18:00 CET  @

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