Game Jam – Maja Šalamon: Audio Atmopshere

Friday / 29.01.2021 /  6:00pm  @

Slovenia Games Youtube channel

Join us and discover a greater perspective on how to enrich your next project with audio from a magical forest to the void of space. Learn a few basic techniques that stereotypically define a certain environmental atmosphere and that can be your foundation either as a music composer, SFX artist or a developer/director in bringing your vision to life.

Maja Šalamon (AQUAGON) is a self-taught aspiring music composer for video games, animations, orchestras, films, trailers, YouTubers and streamers. She works with various different styles from orchestral to electronic and is always keenly learning new instruments and vocals to incorporate in her work. She’s been a part of various different projects over the years and dabbles in many different fields which broader her perspective on what makes certain things tick. She was a select favourite winner of Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe’s composing competition in 2017 and co-won with her collaborator Chris Haigh & Adrian Tucker’s Trailer Scoring Competition in 2018. (She is currently in the process of updating & re-branding her Social Medias.)