The International Festival of Arts, Technology and Science KIBLIX 2020–2021 has come to an end. From December 2020 till December 2021, a year long hybrid festival edition carried out 60 online events and a physical international group exhibition in KIBLA PORTAL, the largest independent exhibition center in Slovenia. The international group exhibition, which was on display for six months, presented a critical overview of contemporary virtual spaces through 19 innovative artistic research projects by internationally renowned artists, including five newly commissioned projects by Slovenian artists.

The numbers of views of the online events and exhibition visitors undoubtedly confirm that the curatorial team, consisting of Živa Kleindienst, Tadej Vindiš, Aleksandra Kostič and Peter Tomaž Dobrila, more than succeeded in delivering an exceptional festival program.

We would like to thank all of the viewers, visitors,  participating artists and professionals, and our partners and colleagues, who were involved in the festival.

All online streams of panel discussions, workshops, artist talks, seminars, and AV performances will continue to be available here on the KIBLIX 2020–2021 online platform.