David Diamond


David Diamond is an artist. He creates curvaceous, boney, feminine, botanical, abstractions (in the traditional sculpture medium of alabaster); With this background, and having managed a gallery, he understands the challenges for artists in selling work and the pulls and tugs of a studio creation. In the past decade he had been steadfast as an avid proponent of digital, tech influenced, and new media artwork – for he puts forth a view that »this is the artwork of a generation« and may be the one of/or the last art movement because of technology itself. Having aggregated a substantial body of this digital and technology related work in the last decade, within Aldala Collection, the work has been shown in almost 100 museum and exhibitory spaces not to mention countless galleries exhibitions. Diamond has been an art residency juror, a proponent for the lending of work to major institutions, an advocate for scholarship in this area, and a sounding board in curation museum acquisitions, and to artists in their creative processes.