Abandoned Plants Sanctuary


The artistic tandem Abandoned Plants Sanctuary (Anamari Hrup and Eva Jera Hanžek) has existed since Fall 2015 and as a cultural association since 2016. The project is highly interdisciplinary, combining content from various fields (artistic, ecological, social and spiritual) and presents them boldly and originally to a broader audience that would not otherwise be familiar with such content. In the years between 2015–2020, the tandem carried out numerous exhibitions, projects, workshops and events, including in its mobile and self-sufficient greenhouse Zeleno zatočišče/Green Refuge in Ljubljana, which was set up in 2018 with the co-financing of the Municipality of Ljubljana and with the help of many volunteers. At the end of 2020, the tandem moved the greenhouse to the Krater Creative Laboratory, an overgrown construction pit behind Bežigrad Stadium in Ljubljana. Since 2019 the Sanctuary has also been present in the Ajdovščina underpass in Ljubljana, where it presented some of its contents at the 26. Biennial of Design BIO26. Since the end of the biennial in February 2020, this space has become a plant gallery. In this space, the tandem presents a collaboration with other societies and designers in the field of sustainable design next to their work. Abandoned Plants Sanctuary operates in Ljubljana and often expands its activities to other Slovenian cities by establishing the so-called Green Points. In 2020 they established the Green Point in Velenje as part of the Kunigunda Festival. Currently, there is an active Green Point in Nova Gorica, where the plants take the role of actresses in the play August by SNG Nova Gorica and in Youtube video stories Stories from the Sanctuary. The tandem consists of Anamari Hrup and Eva Jera Hanžek, who in 2018 both completed a master’s degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design with assoc. prof. mag. Žiga Kariž and doc. dr. Petja Grafenauer.