Sustainable Technologies

Thursday / 06.05.2021 /  6:00pm  @

In a selected group of Slovenian creatives, we discussed the skills and abilities needed to design long-term projects to transform the relationship between humans and nature. As the work on sustainable development constantly steps down the path into the unknown, together with representatives of a new generation of environmentally sensitive creators, we presented various approaches, processes, and impulses that produce innovative project ideas in the local area. We gott to know the reasons for creating a plastic recycling machine, setting up the Abandoned Plants Sanctuary, the awakening of creative tourism in rural areas, and creating a new production space in an overgrown construction pit.

Technology (téhnē – art, dexterity, skill + logos – word, calculation) is the science of ways of creating, whatever, or a set of such processes from the initial to the final state. (Source: Wiki)

The event was held in Slovene.

Moderator: Gaja Mežnarić Osole, designer and co-founder of the Trajna collective

Guest speakers:
Andrej Koruza, set designer, intermedia artist and designer, Trajna collective
Anamari Hrup and Eva Jera Hanžek, Masters of Painting, Abandoned Plants Sanctuary
Eva Pavlič Seifert and Aljaž Celarc, artistic tandem, PlateauResidue/Mandrova House (Hiša Mandrova)
Goran Vučilovski, director, GNS PLUS