Can Technology Bring Back Long-lost Nature?

Thursday / 11.02.2021 /  6:00pm  @

The third in the series of moderated panel discussions of the KIBLIX festival focused on relations between technology, art and nature. Nature is supposed to be the exact opposite of the virtual, the artificial, the engineered, and the human-made. And indeed, one of the many lessons that can be drawn from the pandemic is that technology is a very poor substitute for direct contact with nature. But could science and technology help us relate to elements of nature that are long lost? Those that we have no other means to experience and grasp?

Moderator: Régine Debatty, art critic and blogger

Guest speakers: Jakob Kudsk Steensen, artist, Tanja Vujinović, new media artist, Christina Agapakis, a synthetic biologist and science writer, Tina Gorjanc, critical bio-designer and Sally Ann McIntyre, sound artist