Weronika M. Lewandowska

Weronika M. Lewandowska is a Polish spoken word poet, director, writer, and executive producer of VR Nightsss. She has PhD in cultural studies. She is a researcher of new media and immersion experiences, a lecturer of creative writing and transmedia art at the University SWPS and design trends at School of Forms in Warsaw and VR Creative Consultant for BioMinds Healthcare XR system, which explores a new way for neurological rehabilitation. She was an artist in Residence of The Performing Art International Visegrad Fund in Prague 2020 (360° Poetry Performance for CrossAttic/Bazaar Festival). Holder of The Artistic Scholarship of the City of Warsaw for 2021. Currently, in her artistic practice, she is focused on new media tools and immersive ways of expression that interfere with corporeality, embody presence, and have the potential to create non-binary digital stories. She is interested in perception, avatars creation, human voice and movement in virtual environments, the future of real-time live performances and neural input, haptic innovations for VR/AR/XR experiences.