Alenka Pirman


Alenka Pirman is a freelance artist, writer, and Ph.D. student of heritology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She is a founding member of the Domestic Research Society (2004), where she develops collaborative research on the cross-section of contemporary art and cultural heritage. In the 1990s, her work was predominantly related to the three fictitious institutions: the SK8 Museum (1991–93), the RIGUSRS – Research Institute for Geo Art Statistics of the Republic of Slovenia (1997; with Ćosić and Wölle), and the Domestic Research Institute (1994–98). She then collaborated with the artistic collectives/platforms like Luther Blissett/ (1998) and London-based Bughouse (2002–03). She has carried out several methodological exhibition projects, e.g., with a collection of the German loanwords used in the Slovene language (Arcticae horulae, 1991–98) and a deposited collection of the Police Museum (The Case. Art and Criminality, 2005). In 2014 the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana prepared the Collected Works survey exhibition of her oeuvre.


Alenka Pirman at DIVA Station: