Artist Talk: Weronika M. Lewandowska

Thursday / 24.06.2021 /  7:00pm  @MMC KIBLA

You are kindly invited to MMC KIBLA on Thursday, 24 June 2021, at 7 p.m. (CET). We will present the Polish artist Weronika M. Lewandowska, currently hosted by KIBLA2LAB, at the international art residency of the RUK network, as part of the KIBLIX festival. Weronika will talk about her artistic practice, and you will also be able to try out her immersive virtual reality experience Nightsss. Participation in the event is possible according to the PCT (recovered-vaccinated-tested) protocol. Welcome!


Nightsss – a sensual VR experience of poetry, dance and nature

Nightsss is an artistic animation with ASMR and interactive elements that immerses the viewer in the sensual experience of poetry, dance and nature. The script was based on the spoken word poem Nightsss, in which the sounds characteristic of the Polish language create onomatopoeic landscapes crossing language barriers. What will you hear and see in the Nightsss environment if you can play with space and the space plays with your imagination and memory? Even when you do not understand words, emotions flow from ASMR sound relations and rhythmic structures, and from the choreography of the character you will meet in the virtual world. Nightsss opens up the immersant for a sensual encounter with her/his own body, imagination and virtual space, which subtly resonate in thoughts and movements even after exiting the experience. The project was financed under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education programme within the framework of the Regional Initiative of Excellence for the years 2019–2022, project number 023/RID/2018/19, funding sum PLN 11 865 100.

Producers: vnLab and Film School in Lodz