Webinar with Maja Hodošček

Monday / 21.12.2020 /  6:00pm  @ ZOOM

As part of this seminar, we got acquainted with the artistic practice of Maja Hodošček, an artist who, in her work, deals notions of performance, behaviour, and modes of learning. The discussion was based upon the text of the philosopher and theorist Byung Chul-Han, The Crisis of Freedom (Crisis of Freedom), published in the book Psychopolitics. Neoliberalism and new technologies of power. We will talk about work on an emotional level and continuous performance/productivity as an integral aspect of today’s work. As the author says: “Nowadays, we do not deem ourselves subjugated subjects but rather projects: always refashioning and reinventing ourselves. A sense of freedom attends passing from the state of the subject to that of a project.”