From the Archives of the DIVA Station: Body and Identity

Thursday / 20.05.2021 /  7:00pm  @

Guests: Uršula Berlot, Sara Bezovšek, Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Jasna Hribernik and Saša Spačal

The selection of works from the archive prepared by Vesna Bukovec took us on a walk from a micro view of body particles that are visible only by using the digital technology (Bodyfraction), through the possibility of experiencing dispersed identity in VR space (Liminoid), online identity and violence (Cyberstalking), face-covering (Self-portrait) – today we can also think of it as protecting personal identity – to the loss of identity in a macro view of a group of people (Tense Present: Šum fotonov/ Photon Noise), who are no longer perceived as individuals with their own story, but as pixels, decomposing in a media-shared image. The intertwining of the development possibilities for humans and society that technology offers us as opposed to various types of abuse. The screening was followed by a talk between the selector Irena Borić, the artists and associate of the DIVA Station Vesna Bukovec.

In cooperation with the DIVA Station, a digital video archive from Ljubljana, we are preparing a series of online video projections on the computer and online art, perception of physicality in a virtual environment, and transmitted feelings. The purpose of online projections is to get acquainted with works from the digital archive, get to know individual authors, and create a space for joint reflection, discussion, and knowledge exchange. Each event will be based on a selection of (including older) works from the archives of the DIVA Station and a conversation with the authors. Deriving from the events’ online context, the focus will be on works that can start a discussion on the new reality of art perception through the digital experience. The conversations will be moderated by Irena Borić and Vesna Bukovec.

The online broadcast of all meetings will be available at

The DIVA station is an online and physical archive that SCCA-Ljubljana has been developing since 2005 to research, document, archive, and present art film, video, and new media art. It is based on the collection of video materials within the extended concept of the national context and includes artists working in Slovenia and/or internationally.

Production: ACE KIBLA and SCCA-Ljubljana/DIVA Station