DDTlab and GNS PLUS, d.o.o. (Goran Vučilovski, Matic Plevčak)

Plastic recycling – 3D printer using blockchain technology

The study and pilot implementation of the prototype recycling machine is based on blockchain technology and the entire chain from plastic waste to various reusability options through the principle of 3D printing. Plastic has become a global problem over the years. The recycling machine’s purpose would be to make products or a product that would be reused instead of being disposed, and best of all, everything we no longer need can be recycled. The primary purpose of the study and implementation of the prototype machine is to reduce this type of waste and turn it into something useful. For this purpose, a prototype machine will be constructed, which will turn plastic waste into filamet (filler) for 3D printers, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Recycled plastic can be used for various purposesas as a basic building block (the material representing the basic element for 3D printing) throughout the design process. As a basic building block, it is intended as a building element in new constructions. It is a potential element in spatial layouts, such as arbors, canopies, pavilions, etc. Through a creative process based on computer applications, it also represents the basis for 3D printing of souvenirs, small plastics, public sculptures, and, of course, countless useful objects.