Boštjan Čadež – Fšk

RUK x PiNA Residency

On Thursday, 15 July 2021, the artist Boštjan Čadež – Fšk arrived at the art residency at PiNA. As part of the residency, he worked on upgrading his project Mr. Processor, Do You Understand Life?, a self-aware AGI, where the robot presents a sci-fi scenario in which the artist plays with people’s fears and ignorance of the current state of artificial intelligence, which can learn only from input data sets.

Mr. Processor is a two-wheeled robot, about 1 meter tall and randomly moving around the gallery. It uses its sensors and camera to detect obstacles and people in the room.

The work itself offers a surprising, ironic look at what it would mean to transfer humanity into a machine – and is, ultimately, more a mirror to us than the so-called »intelligences« born of our Promethean dreams.