MycoMythologies: Networking for Expedition

Tuesday / 23.03.2021 /  6:00pm  @Zoom

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Networking is the first node of the MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle. Participants will begin forming a network through an introduction to the workshop with a lecture about the enchanting world of fungi and mythmaking, as well as through the introduction of physical storytelling objects and tools that will be carried throughout the workshop sessions.

The expedition, the second node of the MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle, will take participants off-screen and into their physical environments individually or in groups on a field exploration to collect information about fungi through writing, recording, and physical exploration.

MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle will be an on/off_line performative workshop that evokes and employs the workshop attendants’ mycelial mind through nodes of knowledge gathering practices and embodied mycology. Participants will create their own mythological, speculative stories and reflect on some previously generated while learning about World Networks Entanglements, also known as planetary biological infrastructure.

Each workshop will perform two nodes of the mycelial Storytelling Circle: Networking for Expedition, Gathering Spores and Making Maps, and finally, MycoMythological Storytelling.

No prior knowledge is required to participate in the workshop; only a computer, an Internet connection, any browser, and any text editor are enough. The workshops consist of three meetings (23 March, 30 March and 6 April), each lasting two hours, and will take place through the online platform ZOOM.

Applications are open until 19 March 2021 at Participation is free of charge.