Amber Jae Slooten and The Fabricant


digital-only fashion collection, video, 2018

DEEP – Faster Fashion is a digital-only fashion collection designed by Amber Jae Slooten in collaboration with The Fabricant, which combines fashion design with machine learning while exploring their creative coexistence.

What will be left of our dreams after computers learn to dream? Slooten, working in collaboration with 3D animation specialists The Fabricant, asked a machine learning algorithm to learn a visual representation of a large dataset of images taken at Paris Fashion week. They then let the artificial intelligence to imagine entirely new pieces of clothing by predicting shape, colour and prints that it hadn’t seen before. The computer’s dreamed up images served as inspiration for a brand new digital-only fashion collection, which was entirely imagined, created and is experienced on a computer. The final digital collection manifests in hypnotizing 3D animations of the outfits walking through uncanny landscapes containing remnants of the fashion industry, which float through the scenes as the avatar moves forward into hyper-real places that are vaguely familiar but also estranging.

DEEP ventures into unknown territory of digital fashion, which combines fashion design with the latest technological developments, questioning what the digital revolution could ultimately mean for fashion design, the industry, its environmental impact, and the people working in it. Do garments even have to be physical to exist?

Photo: Damjan Švarc © ACE KIBLA.