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Skiljelinjer (Lines of Demarcation)

participatory project in AR, 2020–2021

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Skiljelinjer, Swedish for »lines of demarcation«, is an architectural research project exploring new tools and decision-making frameworks for collaborative design processes. The project explores ideas of agonism; processes driven by controversy instead of consensus, while at the same time acknowledging the potential of evolving and malleable decision-making protocols within collaborative processes.

The project explores how Chantal Mouffe’s writings on agonism and agonistics’ logics might guide collaborative design processes within and beyond urban planning. This is done with a tool using augmented reality, through which participants co-create and vote on proposals. The proposals are filtered depending on their ratio between upvotes and downvotes, which can drive the project’s decision-making process following a range between consensus, conflict, and dissensus.

Within the field of urban and community planning, interest in citizen participation has grown in recent decades. Increased demands for more balanced influence and more sustainable societies have led to a surging interest in creating new platforms and strategies for involving citizens. More and more municipalities, housing companies, and architectural offices are trying to open up their decision-making processes to make them more inclusive and collaborative. Finding new frameworks for collaboration within the design of the public space is urgent. In addition to finding methods and processes that address citizens’ desire to participate, new perspectives are required on what this participation should result in.

Skiljelinjer is developed with funding from Kulturbryggan.


This fall, the Main Square of Maribor will become a sculpture park. Participate and contribute your sculpture!

The space in which you are standing at the moment was once a textile factory. Today it is a place for the presentation and production of contemporary art and culture. We invite you to join us in a collective transformation of the space into a sculpture workshop. You design the sculpture by downloading the Skiljelinjer app. First, you choose its theme and compose a short description; co-create and vote on different proposals, which will be exhibited in augmented reality. There is only one rule; you have to use your body while making it – choreograph it through your movement.

The sculpture park in augmented reality on the Main Square will be on view from 15 September 2021.


The pandemic has radically disturbed our relationships to what we refer to as “home.” It has been fully transformed into a site of consumption and precarious labor. Together with participants around the world and through the use of the Skiljelinjer tool, we ask you to collectively explore the ways you can revert the current logic of the home as a site of production and consumption through the collective creation of new tools and interventions for unproductive ways of being, leisure and free time. The audience is invited to participate in the first-ever public brief.

Photo: Damjan Švarc © ACE KIBLA.